Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Nicholas Kristof, NYT columnist and author of "Half the Sky" spoke at GRCC last evening!!   
Here are some disturbing quotes and/or statistics that inspirted the building of our school in Cambodia (which is almost finished!)

*The major world problem in the 18th C. was slavery, in the 19th C. it was totalitarianim and in the 20th C. it is gender inequality. 

*the major issues facing women are traffiking and reproductive rights

*In Niger a woman has an average of 7 children.

*40% of male foreigners that enter Thailand are there to participate in the established prostitution rings.

Jason Collela stood up and was selected by Kristof to ask a question during the Q and A portion of his presentation. His question was "Do you think the world poverty problem can be solved by concentrating on one country at a time or should we focus on poverty in general?"  He responded that since it is a global issue, it needs to be focused on globally.  In addition, Jason told him how he had inspired us to build a school in Cambodia and some of our students had read his most recent work "Half the Sky."  He was applauded not only by Kristof but the entire audience. 

As a side note, tonight we are holding our first combined meeting for Amnesty and Kiva.  Looking forward to a packed house!! :)  Come one, come all!!!

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