Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kony 2012

With all the hype about Josheph Kony lately, the kids held a special meeting to discuss who he is and the agenda behind the creation of the video. 

No doubt, the LRA has committed crimes:
conscription of children

Think critically.  Why was the video made?  What are the moral implications behind it?  Would this filmmaker be able to make this video if he lived in a less developed country?  How has media changed the way we receive information?  Did Mr. Russell's experiment work? 

Here is a response from "the other side."  Use your head...what's the truth? 


As much as the video is propaganda, this is an opportunity to learn about the atrocities that take place in the rest of the world.  With or without Joseph Kony, these issues exist:

conscription of children
lack of health care
lack of education
lack of basic human rights

Here is an article published  by Amnesty International.  Several have been published in the last few days reminding us that this conflict is not one-sided. 
True justice for any of these issues will come when our government recognizes that it is in our best interest to help others. 


The bottom line is that we love that teens are getting involved.  We love that teens care about those outside their sphere of influence.  We love that teens are trying to educate themselves.

 Let's spread awareness and education about the human rights violations that take place all over the world.  Let's help in a productive, caring way. 

Become educated.
Become active.
Become the change you want to see.

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